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Re: So what's with all the Archer hate?

I think there is a great deal of revisionist history going on. In the first two seasons, you would very often hear Trip being referred to as a hick (with criticisms of his attitude and his accent). As the series went on, and the writers more clearly defined his character (as opposed to generic character traits), and with the added emotional investment of the Shipper Wars, Trip eventually emerged as a fan favorite. (It's one of the reasons why TATV is so angry-making: the TATV-Trip didn't have any of the growth that Seasons-3-and-4-Trip demonstrated.) But his early incarnation was sometimes as superficially written as Archer's was, and he was not universally well-liked at the beginning of the series, either.

Regardless of which character is your personal fave, it's natural to look back more fondly to the earlier episodes and see the missteps as part of the organic character growth, rather than as flaws in the character or performance. Some see a believable character arc for Archer, other see the same for Trip.
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