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Re: A question for people smarter then I.

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Also, which I think is one of the important points that tsq was making, as soon as the end of the first paragraph and the beginning of the second, the Wikipedia article says:

Research has demonstrated that children can remember events from before the age of 34 years, but that these memories decline as children get older.

Research has shown that children have the capacity to remember events that happened to them from age 1 and before whilst they are still relatively young, but as they get older they tend to be unable to recall memories from their youngest years.
That really shoots down the notion that infants and toddlers are generally biologically unable to form memories. The reason that adult recollection of memories from so young is rare is not simply because the memories can't be encoded, but because they either become inaccessible or are erased years after they were formed.

That's really a significant departure from what sonak was initially asserting.
Yeah, infants actually have excellent memories, both short and long-term (obviously, long-term in this case means several months to a couple years). This has been tested an confirmed countless ways over decades.

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