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Re: The Past Decade of Trek Lit

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I used to read Trek Lit like crazy ten years ago, but I stopped around 2002... so... what did I miss?
This reading order chart by TrekBBs members Thrawn and 8of5 pretty much covers most of the 24th Century stuff that has been published since the novel continuity came to be. I think it's up-to- date until early this year, and according to the comments in the link above an update will most likely come when the current mini-series The Fall is completed.

In addition to that a whole lot of stand-alone TOS novels have also been published, especially in the last few years.

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When I was flicking around websites I saw there some kind of big Borg War? What books were those in? Was it a crossover between the shows? That sounds cool.
That would be the Destiny trilogy, which indeed is a crossover between TNG, Titan, Enterprise, and
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