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Re: "For the Uniform" Line-by-Line

Captain's Log, stardate 50485.2. I've come to Marva 4, a planet near the badlands, to rendezvous with an informer who claims to have information on the whereabouts of the Maquis leader and former Starfleet Officer, Michael Eddington.

Sisko walks through a cave in civilian clothes and reaches a large chamber, there are many humans around, the mood is not a happy one. Sisko walks up to an elderly man who is welding.

Sisko: I'm looking for a friend of mine.

The Man keeps welding.

Sisko: His name is Cing'Ta.

The man stops welding and points toward an adjoining area, covered by a curtain.

Sisko walks to the curtain and goes inside, nobody is there.

Sisko: Cing'ta?

Sisko begins to take something out of his vest pocket. A Klingon disruptor is put to his head.
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