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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

I'm really glad I A) asked the question about watching TUC before Flashback and B) decided to act on the recommendations I got to go ahead and watch both. It was a lot of fun seeing the movie and then seeing a variation of its events play out immediately thereafter.

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See if you can find the continuity errors.
The biggest difference between TUC and the Flashback recreations of parts of its events that I noticed is Janice Rand's rank, but I would personally classify the discrepancy as being a retcon rather than a continuity error.

Growing up, I was never that fond of the TOS crew despite having watched the first four movies, but things like Star Trek Vanguard and the two Abrams movies have since given me a new appreciation for them that I have to admit greatly enhanced my enjoyment of both TUC and Flashback.

As an aside, I'm now ready to watch The Chute, which means that I've made it to Season3 as its listed on Amazon Instant Video (Basics P2, Sacred Ground, False Profits, and Flashback are listed under Season 2, albeit in their S3 broadcast order).
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