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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

Ortiz is a friggin' machine out there right now. Batting .727 so far in the World Series, 2 HRs, 2.115 OPS And all those numbers are considering that he was robbed of a Grand Slam in Game 1, so would be even higher otherwise...

Would be nice if they could get a few other guys going to go with him, though!

Lester's been big so far in the postseason, hoping he goes all-in tonight and they can come back to Fenway up 3-2. After feeling pretty crushed at the end of Game 3 (due to 2 nights in a row of sucking out loud at the end of games), starting to feel better here. Long way to go, but have 2 strong pitchers coming up and feels like a little momentum again.
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