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Re: The Past Decade of Trek Lit

You missed some good stuff.

The DS9R was great up until Unity. After that it kind of petered out. There were some really good individual books, but they also introduced a lot of storylines that didn't get followed up on (or took them years to follow up on). The books came out widely spaced, until Soul Key, which finally wrapped one of those storylines. Then they sort of skipped everything else and jumped DS9 ahead to the same time period as the other 24th century books, leaving a lot of stuff unexplained.

The Destiny trilogy was the big Borg crossover event. It was awesome, definitely the best thing to happen to Trek lit, maybe ever.

The Voyager relaunch has been very successful, and kind of grew out of Destiny.

Also, you should check out Vanguard. Its a TOS era series about a space station (sort of like DS9 but completely different), with a definite beginning and ending. It didn't just peter out like these things tend to. It was great from start to finish, but particularly the first 3 books. I'd describe it as great "hard" sci-fi that just happens to be set in the Star Trek universe.

Also, if you like DS9, there is a new author, Una McCormack, who is really good. She writes about the Cardassians. You should look up "The Never Ending Sacrifice" and read it. Its a DS9 book but it stands alone really well.
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