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Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

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I'm usually following a different route.. get as many satellites up early in the game (at least 5-6) and then produce some on stock so i can react to maximum panic levels in countries before the end of the month so as not to lose the country.
Yeah, same here. I did a load upfront to get certain bonuses, but made sure I left had some in reserve for maximum effect when the panic gets high. I'm not sure exactly how the panic mechanics work, so I was always afraid that if I got full coverage, I'd be stuck without a means to lower panic on a country that already had a satellite.
Actually, there is an advantage to getting full satellite coverage- the abductions stop. You'll still get terror and UFO missions, but the abduction missions (the main source of panic increases) can only happen in cities without satellite coverage. Now, your panic can still increase if you fail one of the remaining missions, but it's definitely beneficial to get everything covered.
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