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The Past Decade of Trek Lit

I used to read Trek Lit like crazy ten years ago, but I stopped around 2002... so... what did I miss?

What were the best books? The biggest events? I'm mainly looking at DS9... TNG if it's really good. Based on my wikipedia scanning it looks like the DS9 Relaunch kind of petered out? I stopped reading at Mission Gamma which I just found completely uninteresting.

I'm reading "The Art of the Impossible" right now because I just went to a writers summit that Keith Decandido hosted and he mentioned it being his favorite work of his own. It's interesting so far.

When I was flicking around websites I saw there some kind of big Borg War? What books were those in? Was it a crossover between the shows? That sounds cool.

I don't know if anyone is still around from those days, but I was actually the moderator of this forum circa 2001
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