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My principal issue is that making the movie the Wrath of Khan stole a lot of its emotional resonance - Kirk hadn't really wronged Khan, his relationship with Spock is in its infancy.
Precisely why it was done that way. To create a different story. "Into Darkness" is neither "Space Seed", nor "The Wrath of Khan". It's a new adventure for Khan, and a very different story arc for the characters.

And I thought STiD had plenty of emotional resonance. Different emotional resonance, but no less emotional. For me, at least. Until that tribble revived, I was sure Kirk was staying dead... at least until the next movie.
Different strokes. Pike's death had emotional resonance for me. I was laughing too hard when Kirk died! It was just so contrived and silly. I really thought it was meant to be an in-joke.
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