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Re: TOS Caption Contest #279: Captionpaw

Thanks for the win!

UHURA: I'm detecting a signal from the planet Preplanis.
KIRK: On audio, Lieutenant.
DR. SMITH'S VOICE: What "I" have done? Now you listen to me, you ungrateful wretch. You will erase that from your memory banks. He must never know we were responsible.
KIRK: No intelligent life there.
SPOCK: Indeed.

KIRK: Where's the candy? You said this planet was Halloween.
SPOCK: The word was "harrowing".

KIRK: Okay, fine, you can wear a blue shirt when we meet the murderous natives. Now put the phaser away.

KIRK: I heard Droxine was thin, but really, Spock...

KIRK: Look at the size of that thing.
SPOCK: The Great Bird of the Galaxy's droppings are, indeed, impressive.
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