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Re: TOS Caption Contest #279: Captionpaw

Spock: That ship is swerving into our lane.
Kirk: Um, HELLOOOO?!!!
Uhura: Check out this motherf*cker.
Spock: Fascinating.

Kirk: What is it Spock? A volcano? A lava flow?
Spock: An al-anon meeting.
Bones: Beam me up, Scotty.
Kirk: Ha, catchy.

Kirk: You said there would be girls at your birthday party?
Spock: This is a total sausage fest.
Scotty: They'll be here.
Bones: That's what you said last year.

Kirk: Come here often?
Spock: Oh here we go.

Kirk: Why is that pizza on the roof?
Walter White: I got high on my own supply.
Spockface: Never get high on your own supply.
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