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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

Voyager and TNG both had an 'A plot and B plot' structure. This meant writers were instructed to write their stories with divergent plot strands that are sometimes both tied together somehow by the end of an episode, and were at other times entirely seperate from each other but were each individually tied up by the end of the episode.

This is the 'format' on which both shows were built.

In order to be a true 'Serialized Procedural', VOY would have needed to alter this structure so that the A Plot was a "planet of hats" show or another singular device that changes from week to week, while the B Plot was a never changing constant that stays the same from week to week, and is gradually built to a crescendo in the series finale.

TNG and VOY did do this from time to time, but only on limited scales, usually for two-parters. An example would be TNG:Birthright, where Part 1 has got an episodic B Plot (Data's dream) which is resolved by the end of the episode, while it's serialized A plot (Worf investigating claims that his father is not dead) is carried over to the following episode.

TNG:Birthright is a true 'Serialized Procedural' format, but on a much smaller scale than perhaps would be ideal.

What has been suggested in this thread as being the format of a 'Serialized Procedural' in VOY is in fact simply continuity bleed: where one instance of continuity is carried through multiple episodes, but it is not in itself a "plot". It's a character arc, or a series of events that culminates in something later down the track. But it isn't, strictly, serialization. It isn't even episodic serialization. It's just good continuity.

Nobody here is denying the point made by DigificWriter that Voyager did in fact have a great deal more episode-to-episode continuity than it is often held up as having. And this has been demonstrated ably by DigificWriter. But 'serialization' it most definitely was not.
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