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Re: Throwing the Ferengi out with the bath water?

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I thought Ferengi did that by clanging the bars together and looking for the ding.

Something I would have loved to see in a Ferengi plot is, the Ferengi are going around to non-spacefaring planets in Federation space and selling them modern technology. This could have ended up in Quark-worthy debates.

"How dare you arrogant Federation types decide which cultures get to join your galactic civilization and which don't? We Ferengi are providing an opportunity for billions of people to share the same wealth you possess."

"And profiting off it in the meantime!"

"We make profits, they get to advance centuries in a matter of weeks. Everybody wins!"

Then they could turn that into a real debate over the prime directive and we could see some planets doing well with it and others destroying themselves.
That would've made them more interesting if they were competing with the Federation for winning hearts and minds like this. Not every directly involving themselves, but definitely influencing things from behind the scenes for their own benefit, while smiling benevolently and promising it's all for the best.
They might've worked out better as Space Mafia types, who also worked as Businessmen as their fronts.

And employ various aliens as their Front Spokespeople and their Muscle as well. Why bother putting themselves in danger when you can hire some Nausicaans to fight for you?

The play-doh people from fluidic space?
Yes, the 8472 aliens.

I suppose if TNG had introduced the 8472 aliens instead no one would care?
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