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Re: Sleeping on the Enterprise

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I imagine they used a system similar to the Navy.

Here's a link for more details;

Also there was a TNG episode that mentions this. I don't know all the episode names like you guys but it was the one where Cpt Picard goes off on a mission and the Enterprise gets a new Captain. The new Captain changes the duty rotation and Riker complains to him about it going from an 8 hour shift to a 12 hour shift.
Yes I thought they used a 12 hour watch while on a 'mission' and an 8 hour otherwise. While on something important like 'Balance of Terror' I think the main crew were probably on watch most of the time with perhaps a 6 hour sleep shift when they could. Kirk needed his main team on duty when things got critical.

I don't think current navy ships are directly comparable to a Starship crew. With no disrespect intended I think the Starship crew would have a lot more scientists, engineers, doctors, nurses than say a regular Navy ship. A lot of tedious tasks like swabbing the deck would be automated so a 12-hour shift probably isn't necessary for a Starship crew normally.
Also they're on a 5-year mission. They'd have to have some leisure time. Hence the luxurious boudoirs and recrooms in TNG.
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