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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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This is most of the reason I can't stand nuBSG. The pointless sex changes for some of the characters made it seem as though all the producers wanted was the character names as a hook to get the original BSG fans to tune in, and otherwise they'd make up any damn thing whether it had to do with the original characters or not.
Well, nuBSG was a straight-up no-bones-about-it reboot. They weren't trying to set it in the original continuity or sell themselves as an alternate universe thereof. So they were actually quite free to make up any damn thing whether it had to do with the original characters or not.

It can admittedly seem cheap to just plaster the old names on completely different characters, but I wouldn't accuse nuBSG of doing so or of gender-switching purely for its own sake. Most of the decisions they made added considerable dramatic depth to the characters and interesting complications and tensions to relationships that were straightforward and really quite bland in the original product; gender-switched Starbuck was (albeit a bit too heavy on the angst at times) a million times more dramatically interesting than the original article. Gender-switching purely as a form of cheesy fanwank would be awful, of course, but it can be done in more interesting ways, and for my money nuBSG is one of the best examples of that.
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