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Re: TF: The Crimson Shadow by Una McCormack - Review Thread (Spoilers!

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That doesn't mean I object to it happening to foreigners. The primary interest of the US government, for which I pay taxes, is to serve its citizens. In this respect, spying on foreigners helps to advance that goal.
That's not a given, and (as seen above when one of your fellow citizens spoke up) certainly more contentious than you make it out to be. If you define "serving its citizens" as implementing the will of the people, it only advances that goal if the majority of Americans want it to do these things - which may or may not be true, I'm not sure (certainly there's a diverse range of opinions in the country, however, and while certainly not required to place a vote, the quality and informed-ness of those opinions of course varies). If you define it as "bringing about an improvement in quality of life", it depends on the metrics you apply and in any case remains to be seen in the long-term (and it's hard to avoid moral arguments entering the picture at that point anyway).

As for your priority list of concerns, my personal policy is to remind myself to think in terms of individuals instead of tribes/groups/genders/what-have-you, so I care more about what someone says or does than binning them into community or country. There's both Americans and Germans I agree and disagree with; in areas of the world that afford the freedom to do so there's a wide enough range of opinions that commonality and lack thereof can be found everywhere. (I work with people of anywhere from a dozen to two dozen different nationalities - many of which now live in a different country from the one they were born in, including some migrated American citizens - in my job every day, which might explain how I arrived at that conclusion.)
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