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Re: Star Trek: TMP questions and observations

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^Apples to oranges. The floating office is just that, an office. Its purpose was to provide the refit engineering team with a meeting site separate from the Enterprise itself.
That's interesting. I didn't even think that this could be just a temporary structure built solely for the refit. I thought it was just another starbase.
I doubt it was a temporary structure built solely for the Enterprise refit. I imagine it's the office complex for whichever dockyard did the refit (San Fransisco Fleet Yards?) and is therefore a more-or-less "permanent" structure.

It makes sense that they might need a temp structure for building a space station, as in your novel cover example, but the infrastructure for ship-building would be more long-term, I would think. Building and dismantling a dockyard to build or refit a single ship doesn't sound like it would make much sense.
Considering the office complex itself is not complete, what with all those half-finished sections, I'd guess it is pretty new. Probert's idea for the dock was that it was very old, possibly a century, so it would contrast with the refit, and I guess with the complex as well.

But the dock does have an area on the port side (where the travel pods and work bees can dock) that could be used as a conference area, going by the amount of space it takes up. The office complex would then be more like an on-site hotel for the workers, if you assume they don't beam down to Earth each day.

I love the look of TMP tech, including Epsilon 9, especially compared to the very earthbound look of the ILM SFS stuff like the mushroom dock, which just looks like a glorified blimp hangar to me, and always has. I find the latticework of a zero-gee structure with all the filigree to be pretty exotic, whereas the spacedock of ILM's is just bulk.
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