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Re: TF: The Crimson Shadow by Una McCormack - Review Thread (Spoilers!

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Morality is highly subjective. In this instance, I think it would be immoral for my government not to spy upon other governments in order to obtain any and every advantage it can.
You seem to suffer for a lack of empathy for your fellow man in other countries. We're all in the same boat ultimately. I for one don't want my government to mistreat the citizens of other countries any more than I want them to mistreat me (and therefore have no more sympathy for the BND's illegal spying activities than the NSA's). I can't come up with any good reason for why they shouldn't deserve the same respect and rights just because they happen to live (and that possibly not even by choice, i.e. it's more "happen to have been born") somewhere else on the same ball of rock.

As for the ruckus over the NSA wiretapping our chancellor over here, what's primarily sad about that whole affair is how much more of a reaction it's getting out of our government than the news of the NSA (or the BND) spying on German citizens. One of our major satire publications ran with "Merkel upset over being treated like an ordinary German citizen" ...
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