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Re: Star Trek: TMP questions and observations

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^Apples to oranges. The floating office is just that, an office. Its purpose was to provide the refit engineering team with a meeting site separate from the Enterprise itself.
That's interesting. I didn't even think that this could be just a temporary structure built solely for the refit. I thought it was just another starbase.
I doubt it was a temporary structure built solely for the Enterprise refit. I imagine it's the office complex for whichever dockyard did the refit (San Fransisco Fleet Yards?) and is therefore a more-or-less "permanent" structure.

It makes sense that they might need a temp structure for building a space station, as in your novel cover example, but the infrastructure for ship-building would be more long-term, I would think. Building and dismantling a dockyard to build or refit a single ship doesn't sound like it would make much sense.
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