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Picked up Munchkin Conan today. Has anyone tried the Star Wars: Empire game?
Do you mean the new Roleplaying game? Friends of mine still play roleplaying games (i did too from my late teens up until my early 30s) and they say it's awesome from the mechanics point of view as it doesn't restrict you too much and focuses you on storytelling instead of just rolling buckets of dice (which i always preferred).

Background wise there is nothing to say.. it''s Star Wars baby!

Munchkin is such a cool game.. as i was a RPG gamer back then when the game came out it was such a blast on two levels.. the game itself and they way it made fun of our hobby in a nice way. I've had some of the most insane and cool actions in this game and you coudn't throw a die at a RPG convention without hitting a table where Munchkin was played.

Played some variants of it too.. most of all Munchkin Fu where the level 20 monster was named Dragonlady. I had broken up with an Ex of mine before i played it for the first time and when i saw that card i nearly died from laughter.. guess which online nick she had
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