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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

Finished reading issues 67 and 68 of Smallville Season 11. The magical battle between Hades and Superman rages on as it becomes clear Superman is in over his head and vulnerable. Diana assumes the role of Wonder Woman and fights her way out of the DEO. We're introduced to the President of the United States as he witnesses magical creatures attempting to destroy Air Force One but are stopped by Superman. Superman salutes the President and the President in awe whispers "Go get 'im son." Then shouts "Why is Superman doing what the DEO should be?" Steve Trevor is taking by a Fury and taking to Hades. Diana confronts Hades as he sits in the Lincoln Memorial. Superman joins her later as the duo are able to stop Hades and apparently send him back to Tartartus. Steve Trevor asks what happens next after he's reunited once again with Diana. Superman turns to face us and says that's a good question...we'll find out next week with the conclusion of Olympus!
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