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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

Eh, I'm not so sure we're stuck to the 10 ft deck height for TOS. Besides, my thinking is that in the TOS version at least the "underdeck" parts below the floor are open to the ceiling below... so the red "rafters" we see in the corridor and the like would expose sub-floor pipes and stuff. (In the quarters, where the ceilings appears lower, I'm thinking the underfloor is closed off.)

I had the notion to break out my copy of "Mr. Scott's Guide" and take a ruler to the scale drawing of the corridors. This illuminated the fact that actual ceiling height on those sets was about eight feet. (That fits pretty well with my visual observation of how tall folks like Riker look standing in those sets.) In turn, I found that Shane Johnson decided to use 9.5 feet for his deck heights (grav plate to grav plate, or floor to floor, whichever way you want to measure it.) In turn, that made me wonder if he ever saw the drawing Mr. Probert did showing how the intermix chamber should fit in the hull, which I assume most of you are familiar with:

It occurred to me that I'd never bothered to try adjusting my deck heights to match those on the refit, so I did:

An interesting revelation in this process: there's a little half-deck between the torpedo deck and the deck above it that makes the decks lineup with the windows.

Now, using my discovery of 9.5 foot decks, I did a little math. The above ship, based on Mr. Probert's deck lineups, would be about 374 meters. Fascinating. I then test-fit the above deck lineup into the TOS ship, and it fit quite well with only minimal tweaks. Doing some reverse math, we end up with secondary hull deck heights of about 15 feet... which doesn't seem completely unreasonable. Maybe there's just more space between floors and ceilings?

Here's revised math based on the 9.5 feet decks:

(all decks the same height)
9.5 ft/25 px = .38 ft/px
4934 px * .36 = 1874.92 ft = 571.476 meters

TOS Enterprise: (Saucer Decks at 9.5 feet)
9.5 ft/28 px = .339 ft/px
3568 px * .339 = 1209.55 feet = 368.67 meters

Refit Enterprise: (Saucer Decks at 9.5 feet)
9.5 ft /28 px = .339 ft/px
3619 px * .339 = 1227.875 ft = 374.2563 meters

Secondary Hull Deck Height
.339 ft/px * 45 px = 15.255 ft

(all decks the same height)
9.5 ft/28 px = .339 ft/px
2813 * .352 = 954.41 ft = 290.9 meters

(Saucer Decks at 9.5 feet)
9.5 ft/13 px = .731 ft/px
1568 px * .731 = 1145.85 ft = 349.26 meters


9.5 ft/16 px = .59375 ft/px
1263 px * .59375 = 749.91 ft = 228.57 meters

I left out the Oberth because I want to work on redoing its drawing, but here are our other family members at the new sizes. Another large image, click to embiggen.

I actually really like how they look together at these sizes. They seem like a nice compromise between all the scaling evidence on the shows and just seem to hold up well together in my opinion. I think Excelsior, Miranda, and Constellation all seem to be within "fudge factor" of how large they appeared next to the Galaxy.

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