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Re: TF: The Crimson Shadow by Una McCormack - Review Thread (Spoilers!

The fuss is that it is illegal (still, as the legal censure raising its head suggests) and immoral! That the NSA/GCHQ tapped the phones of 35 world leaders, who are friendly powers! That they record and filter through your online information, your texts and your privacy - you a citizen who should be protected from governmental invasion. Picture it like this - imagine this was the 60s, and you were/are gay. Imagine you are Muslim, and you get checked for using words like 'Allah' in your messaging. Imagine you are some other group percieved as a threat, as dissident, or perverse. All this data collected could be turned and misused so easily. And in a culture of rendition and abuses of people's human rights or dignities such misuse is only so many steps away from happening. This is a pervversion of what state protection should be in a democratic society, suspicion from the top, not protection. It is the potentiality of a police state, it is what McCormack presented as so chilling in her recent Cardassian books. And that the NSA, MI5 and GCHQ don't think they should be punished for having done this. It's maddening. They have the power, and it is amazing and shocking and threatening to have seen it revealed thus. And more so, there has been no testament as to the good all this spying has done. Of course our intelligence agencies have done good work, they have saved life and helped preserve societal fabric - but we, the public they serve (in the US and the UK), should be shown that they don't also push too far and compromise they role as protector. that they aren't Big Brother, the KGB or a fictional horror like the Order...
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