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But even the fact they were featured a couple times as this ancient, powerful race could still give way to a story in the Alternate Reality only this time, we actually get to see them.
The biggest problem I see with the idea of featuring the Iconians is that the Iconian civilization was estimated to have been destroyed some 200,000 years before still-active remnants of their automated defense systems were encountered by the TNG crew in "Contagion".
Mister Data.

No life-form readings.

All major cities have been
heavily damaged, and the pattern
of destruction is consistent
with large-scale orbital

How long ago?

Approximately two hundred
thousand years.
Even supposing (as some do) an earlier branching point for the alt-reality from the "prime" timeline than Kelvin vs. Narada, or supposing (as others have) a completely separate but nearly identical timeline, those Iconians are likely to be just as thoroughly dead and gone in the alt-reality as in the prime.
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