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Re: TNG Caption This! 331: Spooky!

Picard: Worf, notify Starfleet, we've found Commander Bowman.

K'Ehleyr: Worf, what kind of skulduggery are you up to?

Crusher: *to herself* Okay, if I just pretend that I'm analyzing this scrap, then I can stay here for a few minutes and let those other, worthless members of my medical staff do something for once.

Picard: Oh, uh, sorry, I didn't realize you were using my quarters to recreate the worst day in my life. I'll just let you finish and I'll be back later.

Riker: Okay, according to this, we should be in engineering.

Worf: Sir, you're not using Apple Maps, are you?

Riker: Yes, why?
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