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Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

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I wanted to bump this thread for two reasons.

First, an expansion pack was announced: XCOM: Enemy Within

It's very much a Firaxis-style expansion, expanding the content of the main game rather than adding an additional story. They are adding mechs and genetic engineering on top of everything else. In addition, there's a new organization called EXALT that are humans who want to use the aliens for their own gain. Here's a video of a mission against them along with covert spy stuff.

The second reason I'm bumping the thread is to ask a question for those who have more experience with the game. I put the game down for awhile to do other things, but I'm finally taking a stab at playing through the whole story. I'm at the point of the base assault. However, I feel I need to build up my troops (and hire some more troops) as well as get some important research done. On the other hand, the missions seem to keep getting harder and panic is obviously increasing. So my question is this. Is it better to just advance in the story and hope the pieces fall where they may or should I take a time out from the story and just run some missions so I can be stronger when the time comes?
I have played it through so my advice is, if time is running out, i.e. panic levels are rising to untenable levels then do the base assault, After it there is a considerable drop in panic across the world, you get much loot to sell/expand your research and the experience boost for the soldiers participating in the assault is also very nice (just be sure to pack a few medkits and to leaping maneuvers in uncertain areas).

I am really excited for Enemy Within and can't wait for it to be released.. i've got a ton of good games at home but they'll all be put on hold once it's there.
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