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Re: Star Trek Redux

Right now, it's fan fiction in script form. I would indeed (should I win the lottery, or enough volunteers/online funding) pursue a film series, whether live action or animation. Hell, I'd welcome a comic book artist! Anything to get it off the "printed" page.

Omitted from this short(!) description is Redux being an alternate timeline: that of TOS -- i.e., 1960s orbital nukes, 1990s Eugenics Wars, DY-class sleeper ships until 2018, etc. Post-TOS canon is recognized, but their "correction" or reconciliation of what are now to us events of the past is disregarded.

I want to add that Redux does NOT consists of a top-heavy collection of "message" stories. Like TOS, we mostly do character stories and SF, with the occasional "if this goes on--" or "what if the ____ took over" type story.

And the phrase "empty theatre, or purposeless grandeur" should not be read as a dig at existing fan films, but rather the current "franchise."

David Winfrey
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