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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

Eh, watch again. He stumbled, THEN tripped over Middlebrooks. He was already going down first. And it's not just a little inside, his first step was towards the mound, probably 3' off of the chalk line.

He should have to own at least some effort to not run into the guy if the guy isn't there intentionally, but making a play on the ball.

Just needs a look later, because there's just nothing Middlebrooks could do to NOT obstruct him (very likely ) during the play.

Not arguing that it was basically right as called, just a shitty way to end what had been a VERY good game. And I don't want to see Salty again this series. 2 stupid errors trying to get people at 3rd, and not hitting for shit. Sit him down and stay with Ross for the rest of the series, I'm done with him. We had a fairly crappy hitter up next with 2 outs and Koji on the mound, just get the 3rd out there and move on...
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