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Re: Best Trek Lines Ever

This exchange between B'elanna and Seven from 'Someone to watch over me' regarding sevens observations of tom and b'elannas relationship:

B'elanna (reading from padd): stardate 52647, 1400 hours: subjects quarrel in corridor. Male returns with twelve flowering plant stems, species rosa rubifolia, effecting a cessation of hostilities. Stardate 52648, 0300 hours intimate relations resume - how the hell do you know when we are having intimate relations?

Seven: there is no one on deck 9 section 12 who *doesn't* know when you are having intimate relations

and another from 'tsunkatse':

seven: "I haven't overpacked. I simply wish to be prepared for any contingency."

Tom:"And... what contingency is this for?"

seven:"That's an isomodulator – enhanced to correct hull ablation in the event we encounter a meteroid stream."

tom: "Well, couldn't you just replicate an isomodulator?"

seven:"I prefer this one."

tom:"Oh, I get it! You like to have your own things with you – B'Elanna's the same way. You know, she'd never admit it, but she still takes a stuffed animal with her whenever she's gonna be away for more than a day: 'Toby the targ.'"

seven:"...can "Toby the targ" correct hull ablation? Your comparison is flawed."
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