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Voyager managed it just fine. They built their super shuttle in the space of a single episode, and unless they had like 50 plus shuttles crammed in every nook and cranny of the ship, they were rebuilding those things non-stop.
As I recall the episode where they first build the Delta Flyer, while some components were replicated, most of it was from off the shelf stores.

Voyager lost ten shuttles (and one Delta Flyer) in seven years, with another seven not destroyed but likely unrecoverable.

We did see them engage in trade, so it's possible that they contracted out component manufacture, and did the final assemble themselves. This would minimize information transfer and violation of the prime directive.

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Yeah, let's not mention Voyager. They abandoned the "limited energy and resources" idea pretty damn fast.
They never rescinded the rationing of the replicator through to the end of the series.

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