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Re: A question for people smarter then I.

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well, I guess I'm silly too, because the wikipedia article on childhood amnesia confirms that memories before three are extremely rare, that significant parts of the brain are still forming at that point, and that memories are encoded differently in infants than in an older brain.

So yes, memories can be formed at infancy, but my basic point is valid-memories before three are very rare, and the reasons are as I indicated- the infant brain is too different from the mature brain and is still forming.

Oh, and don't assume that the fact that you have a college degree or work experience or that you do some reading impresses me. None of those three things are exactly rare.
Wikipedia is not infallible. It's written mostly by laypersons and there have been quite a number of instances where bogus articles have been quoted numerous times before they were found out to be completely fake.
And even in you chose to accept the Wikipedia article as 100% true, said article still states that early childhood memories are rare, not that they never occur.
Purely statistically, given the number of posters on TrekBBS, it'd be rather surprising if neither of us had any memories from < 3 years.

And even if you dismissed this point, there still remains the fact that you yourself are able to chew, talk and walk, thus offering us the living proof that on a daily basis you apply the memory of at least 3 things you learned in your first year.
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