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Re: UT-TFV: "No Win Scenario"


Your bad feelings are prescient.

************************************************** *************

Main Bridge
USS Empress

Captain Erasia’s eyes watered slightly, a nervous tic. The woman’s stomach tightened and her shoulders bunched. She cleared her throat softly before she gave the order.

Seconds later the main viewer split between images of the bridges of the K’mpec and the Ariane. Despite her anxiety, Tan’s voice was strong. “Don’t deny it. We have scanned both of your vessels.”

Captain Tanaka looked mildly shocked, but Commander Rhizzo nodded in affirmation. “How could you do this?” Erasia asked, with a hint of the disbelief that she had displayed when Thelius and Ottah had brought this to her. “Constructing subspace weapons; and without authorization. If you had used those weapons in combat it could’ve had a disastrous effect…not only on the Kothlis’Ka, but on the taskforce. We don’t even know what kind of propulsion propels that armada but we do know that isolytic-caused tears are drawn to warp cores.”

She felt the charge run through the bridge crew at the revelation. Only Commander Sheppard had been privy to the information until this moment. Tan had felt it necessary to put this out in the open, for her crew and those aboard the K’mpec and Ariane who weren’t aware, to see the dark corners the Kothlis’Ka had pushed her compatriots down. Perhaps it would add internal pressure on the two captains to abandon their course while serving as a warning to Empress’s crew not to abandon the rules of war even in the face of impossible odds.

“I thought it was an acceptable risk,” Commander Rhizzo stated, looking her squarely in the eye. “And I still do.” Tanaka’s gaze wasn’t as unwavering, but he had a determined expression. He wasn’t going to back down either.

“I understand how the loss of the Narcissus,” Tan nodded in Rhizzo’s direction, “And the near loss of the K’mpec,” she acknowledged Tanaka, “affected you both. Dismantle those weapons immediately and we’ll forget this happened.”

“No,” Rhizzo shook her head. The Zakdorn looked off to the side and muttered something unintelligible.

“Sir, Ariane is powering weapons,” Lt. Moeller informed her, unable to hide the shock from her voice, “And has broken formation.” The human shook her head in disbelief, “Ariane is now moving to engage us.”

“Gilma, what are you doing?” Tanaka asked, beating Erasia to the punch.

“Our long-range sensors picked up that armada hours ago,” Rhizzo replied. “And now we are only hours away from engaging them. I’m not going to be denied the opportunity to save this taskforce and the Tholians and Romulans as well, not by some fleet captain by default.”

The jibe stung but Erasia took it in stride. She hadn’t asked for the responsibility, and she knew she didn’t have the experience or accomplishments that Captain Landau had, but Erasia intended to carry out her new assignment the best she could. “Lt. Moeller,” she said, her voice devoid of emotion, “Charge our forward phasers and target the Ariane.”

“Captain Erasia!” Tanaka shifted his gaze from Rhizzo to Tan. “What are you doing?”

“Something I don’t want to do Captain Tanaka,” Erasia answered honestly, “But it’s not really up to me. This is Commander Rhizzo’s decision. As we say on Efros, the Levithi nuts are on your tree.”
************************************************** ************
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