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Re: TNG Caption This! 331: Spooky!

Thanks for the win!

Picard: He's dead.
Worf: He may not be. This reminds me of the Klingon legend of the Night of the Living Zombies when the dishonored dead return to life to sacrifice your souls to spare their torment.
Picard: You steal our classic literature in Shakespeare and now our horror flicks? Do you Klingons do nothing original?

K'heylar: Worf, this is the lamest holoalien ever! Get some computer nerd in here to program something realistic I can beat on before I decide to beat on you!

Crusher: According to these tricorder readings it was Colonel Mustard in Ten Forward with this shrapnel shard.

Picard: I see dead people.... I really need to lay off this Romulan marijuana.

Worf: What does the tricorder say, Commander?
Riker: What? I'm playing Angry Birds.
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