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Each to his own: each according to his gifts.

Honestly.....that says it all. A stronger comparison might be TWOK to ST:ID as one of the old kid-targeted Book and Record versions of popular films.
Sorry guys, I think youīre idolizing TWOK a bit too much. When it comes to the filming style and similar "technicalities" see my post above - that is just a matter of personal preference. But as a follow-up to the almost cerebral TMP, TWOK was quite a drastic departure: it was action packed with space battles, had plenty of blood and violence, a ruthless, homicidal maniac for a villain and it totally changed the look and feel established in TMP. It was a Trek action movie that seemed to try to get a piece of the "Star Wars pie". And itīs filled with plot-holes and other things that make no sense.

Donīt get me wrong, I still love that movie dearly. However, Iīm well aware of itīs flaws, but I can disregard them when I watch it to not spoil my enjoyment of it - just as I can in STID. TWOK is definitely not a classic motion picture masterpiece like "Citizen Kane" or "2001" - just a fun and entertaining SF film. And thatīs ok

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