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Re: Could Fury have worked with a rewrite?

He had a point about three types of people.

The people indifferent to Kes who found it amusing(I'm in this group)
The people who just don't know/care
The people who loved Kes, and the episode basically took their favorite character and turned her into a psycho crazy witch.

Personally I think it would've been more humorous if she killed Seven instead of Torres... take my place will you!

The real problem with Fury is... for a character piece it basically takes the character and craps all over her. You bring her back for nostalgia's sake and then... after a time shifting push of the reset button just send her on her way again. Why was she even mad? I mean if she was angry over being abandoned or something maybe I could see that but she was just made she had changed and couldn't go home... okay....

Since apparently Kes can just will herself across the galaxy, why didn't they ask her for that 10,000 light year push trick again either?
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