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TNG Caption This! 331: Spooky!

Hello everyone, sorry about not getting a new contest up last weekend.

First up to the plate, we have the "Unless we try this new and untested technology called the Transporter" Award, going to:

Vassa wrote: View Post

Data: In fact; straight for us, and by my calculations, none of you will be fast enough to join me in the escape pod.
Next, we have the "Negative Performance Review" Award, going to:

Geoff Peterson wrote: View Post

GEORDIE: Whoa! Did you graduate from the Janice Rand School of Transporter Operation?
Next, we have the "The tall tower of Deck 12" Award, going to:

George Steinbrenner wrote: View Post

Worf: You men, make sure the alien prisoner doesn't leave the cargo bay until I come and get it.
Guard #1: Not to leave the bay, even if you come and get it.
Worf: No, UNTIL I come and get it.
Guard #2: Hic.
Guard #1: So we don't need to do anything but stop the prisoner from entering the bay.
Worf: No, LEAVING the bay.
Guard #1: Leaving the bay, yes.
Guard #2: Hic.
Worf: Oh, go get a glass of bloodwine!
Next, we have the "Strict Scheduling" Award, going to:

Holdfast wrote: View Post

GEORDI: OK Reg, playtime's over, time for your nap.
Next, we have the "Dangerous Announcements" Award, going to:

Mojochi wrote: View Post

Geordi: What will it cost me to get you to be the one to tell him Guinan is out of prune juice?
The Photoshop award, goes to:

Skully wrote: View Post

LaForge: I'm writing you up.
O'Brien: Worth it.

GoRe Star wrote: View Post

Worf: You two... around the corner. Engage the hostile alien while I'm back here ah... covering you. Remember today is a good day to die!
Goldshirts: ....
Many thanks to everyone for participating and congrats to our winners!

And now, a more Halloween themed contest...

Many thanks to Nerys Myk for my awesome avatar!

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