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Re: Most popular male names since 1960s

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I've always wondered how people with "popular" names deal with that. I think it would annoying as hell having lots of people in your life with the same name as you.
Personal experience in having an uncommon name would suggest that having a common name is more comforting for kids, being "normal" and all that. I hated my first name up through my teen years, though have come to accept that it works well against my surname. Luckily my first name wasn't easily corruptible too
As someone with an extremely uncommon name in the US, I disliked it for maybe a couple grades in elementary school, then grew to love it. I'd much rather have my name than a common one. That being said, I wouldn't want some random uncommon name. Mine is unusual here because it's Indian, but my parents are from India so it makes sense. If they had picked an unusual name from somewhere else or just done an unusual spelling of a common name, I might feel differently.

And yes iguana, I like that your son's name is fairly easy to say even for non-Italians. I don't think that sort of thing is a requirement, but it's definitely a bonus when it's a name you already like.
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