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Re: Why was their not a navigation station?

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Like I said, it was probably meant to be more visually dynamic -- and maybe to allow setting up different camera angles with Paris in the foreground and other characters in the background as needed.
^ Exactly as I said back on page 1 of this thread. The Voyager bridge has got both Conn and Ops, just like TNG. But Ops was relocated to the back of the bridge by designer Richard James, apparently for the purposes of making it easier for directors to frame shots. In TNG they always had to work around having both stations at the front and sometimes needing to cut between actors, but in Voyager they could do loads of one-takes of Paris in the foreground and Kim in the background, or Paris in the foreground and the Captain in the background, or Paris in the foreground and Tuvok in the background..... just by moving the camera a little bit they could make the shots much more dynamic.

I think it was director Winrich Kolbe who said the Ent-D bridge set was sometimes a real pain in the ass to work on because it wasn't a very dynamic set. There were only a small handful of things you could do in it with a camera. Voyager's bridge is designed to be more camera friendly.

(Of course, it also helps that both Conn and Ops are staffed by regulars, whereas on TNG once Wesley left the Conn was more often than not staffed by either a guest star, a semi-regular or a non-speaking extra. Voyager never had that problem because Paris was front and centre and was always there.)
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