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Re: Was Sisko a Javert

And so? Point?

They were still driven to ruination by an unprovoked Klingon invasion and Dukat alone made a deal with the Devil to drive the Klingons (and some emboldened terrorists) out. Take away the Klingon invasion, and do they still accept the selling of their soul to the Dominion?

Central Command may well have drawn the Federation into another war - would the Detapa Council?

(The answer is yes, because the Founders were behind the whole thing, from Klingon invasion to weakening Central Command's position by luring the Obsidian Order on a fool's errand and wiping them out, thus allowing the Detapa Council's coup in the first place. So Gowron telling Founder-Martok he's a loon and the Khitomer Accords are more important would have just meant Founder-Gowron and the mysterious death of General Martok. Some other method would have been found. The question remains though: would Cardassia have wholeheartedly accepted signing up without the Klingon Invasion?)

ETA: Also, regarding the OP. No, absolutely not. That was just Eddington self-aggrandizing and needing to make himself and epic hero. As somebody noted, Sisko was willing to forgive and to give second chances, to Kas for example. The one time Javert decided to show mercy, the mental break drove him to suicide.

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Javert is committed to justice at all costs.
Javert is committed to the law at all costs, which in his black/white world is always just.

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I suspect that Sisko forgave them because they are black, yet could not forgive Eddington because he is white.
The fuck?

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Furthermore, I highly doubt Javert would poison planets and/or otherwise kill/harm innocents to get his way, yet for Sisko, that is no problem.
The one time Javert showed mercy it drove him insane and he killed himself. He was also utterly unmoved by the plight of innocent Cossette when it came to upholding the law for Fantine's "crime."
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