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Re: Was Sisko a Javert

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Really , your using a rape analogy.

That was unexpected.

I mean , really?
It's called victim blaming.

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The Federation didn't give up have their space they gave up contested territory to prevent an unneccesay war. Why go to war where hundreds of thousands can die when all you can give up a sector.

In the end the Marquis ended up in Cardarssian space away from Federation Influence, considering what they do to their own people what did they expect to happen to those they consider trespassers. Where they so na´ve that they believed the threat of a Federation no longer part of the sector would keep the Cardarssians in check.
A guy named Chamberlain thought some minor provinces were worth appeasing an aggressive power and gave them away to avoid a small war. That sure worked out well and his nation didn't end up in a huge war a couple years later. Cardassia and the Federation certainly didn't end up in a bigger war than some minor border planets a few years later. Most expansionist powers are quite reasonable after all.

Also, it's Maquis. No R. Named after the French resistance during World War 2. If you're going to profess an opinion on the subject, it's best to at least take the effort to spell it correctly.

Next, watch subject material before making factual statements. In Journey's End, Gul Evek specifically said they'd be left alone. That's why Picard agreed to it. So when the Cardassians started terrorizing them, they had every right to fight back.

That was the fundamental problem with the treaty. It solved nothing. It didn't stop the fighting, and the Federation just lost all credibility along with those colonists and territories. It didn't even stop a war given Cardassia attacked the second they got themselves an ally. A small war a few years ago(it took the Klingons all of ten seconds to beat them) would've saved the Federation a LOT of trouble. That Chamberlain guy probably wishes he fought a small war a few years earlier today and saved the rest of the world a lot of trouble.
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