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Re: Was Sisko a Javert

Tuvok, your first paragraph is a complete misunderstanding of what i was saying and it's putting words in my mouth.

I was talking about hypothetically if the colonists had moved when asked to do so by the federation, would the cardassians have been happy with that, or given their history would they have taken it as a sign of weakness and asked for more concessions.

The territories were not contested until the treaty of 2370 which stipulated that each side would exchange worlds. The colony on dorvan v for example had been establish in 2350, 20 years before the treaty and at that time was part of federation territory. The federation gave it up.

The cardassians forced the creation of the maquis through their actions towards the colonists. The colonists were peaceful and were not doing anything until the cardassians began to target them. Just because they chose to live in cardassian space doesn't mean they deserved to be starved, raped and murdered.
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