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Re: Dracula - NBC

Christopher wrote: View Post
I'm also not clear on whom to root for. Is Dracula, a serial killer, supposed to be the hero?
After one hour, he does seem like the tragic anti-hero of the piece. Meyers says that, no, Dracula is the villain of the piece, but it doesn't feel that way yet. Right now, he seems like a character working to destroy the secret cabals that control the world.

Christopher wrote: View Post
Oliver Jackson-Cohen as the most annoying Jonathan Harker I've ever seen.
I'd rate Rafe Spall in the BBC's 2006 Dracula as worse. Nothing about that production is worth speaking of.

Christopher wrote: View Post
I did like seeing Jonathan using a typewriter -- though really it should've been Mina. In the Stoker novel, Mina's typewriter is practically one of the main characters, as it enables her to type up and organize various notes and interviews and thus help Jonathan and Van Helsing piece together the mystery and identify and track Count Dracula. Heck, the novel is practically an extended typewriter commercial.
Somehow, I don't think fidelity to the novel is what the producers had in mind.
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