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I have trouble getting past the music, especially the horribly anachronistic percussion in the supposedly diegetic dance music at Drac/Grayson's reception. Honestly, that didn't sound remotely like anything people would have danced to in the 1890s, or ever. It sounded like wallpaper music in "ominous" mode, so it threw me for a loop when I realized it was supposed to be what the characters were dancing to.

I'm also not clear on whom to root for. Is Dracula, a serial killer, supposed to be the hero? He's certainly not as devoid of charisma as Jessica DeGouw (Arrow's Huntress) as Mina or Oliver Jackson-Cohen as the most annoying Jonathan Harker I've ever seen. They and Van Helsing are usually the characters we're supposed to root for, but here VH is working with Dracula. So I'm not sure there are any genuine good guys here, at least none that aren't boring.

I do find it interesting that practically nobody in the cast is using their native accent. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is an Irishman doing both American and English accents (though why not a Transylvanian one?). DeGouw is Australian doing English. Katie McGrath (Lucie) and Victoria Smurfit (Jane) are Irish doing English. Nonso Anozie (Renfield) is English doing American. Kretschmann is German doing Dutch (I suppose). Michael Nardone (Kruger) is English doing German. The only lead actor using his real accent is Jackson-Cohen — yet oddly his is the accent that sounds the most fake to me.

I did like seeing Jonathan using a typewriter -- though really it should've been Mina. In the Stoker novel, Mina's typewriter is practically one of the main characters, as it enables her to type up and organize various notes and interviews and thus help Jonathan and Van Helsing piece together the mystery and identify and track Count Dracula. Heck, the novel is practically an extended typewriter commercial.
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