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Re: Was Sisko a Javert

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It's kind of like telling a rape victim it's her fault because she shouldn't have been there, or she sinfully provoked it by dressing loosely.

Really , your using a rape analogy.

That was unexpected.

I mean , really?

Isn't more like getting a short tempered, psychotic landlord who can enter your house at any time do what ever he wants take over your property.

With a long history of territorial behaviour and bullying and oppressing and attempted genocide ( Bajor). And then crying surprise and foul when said landlord does the kind of thing they are known for, like oppressive violence and really terrible things.

And not moving, when you told by your previous landlord that hey to stop a fight with said bastard ,he's taking over your rent.

Why they stayed was out of pride and a sense of being screwed over , which they where. However they could have moved, space Is big.

It's not their fault they go screwed over, but hey if you have the option to move and not drag your previous Landlord into a war. Then maybe you should move.
you are completely missing my point. The cardassians never lived up to their end of the treaty. The colonists were allowed to live on those planets by both the cardassians and the federation. The cardassians pledged that they would not interfere with the colonists. However they did so and behind the federations back.

the federation looses all credibility by providing support to a government that as you described has a history of genocide, bullying and oppression instead of supporting their own people.

the federation could have easily taken the cardassians on in an armed conflict. i mean they went to war with the klingons over cardassia only a couple of years after the treaty was signed.

And even if the colonists had moved, would that have been enough for the cardassians? given their history, probably not. the federation gave up a lot to satisfy a government who had no real intention of maintaining the peace.
So your saying if the Colonist had moved out of Cardassian owned space the Cardassians would have followed them all over the Universe because what, they where bored.

The Federation didn't go to war with the Klingons over Cardarssia. They ended in war because of it, there's a difference between having one by choice and having one thrust apoun you, say by renegade colonists bio-terrorism .

The Federation didn't give up have their space they gave up contested territory to prevent an unneccesay war. Why go to war where hundreds of thousands can die when all you can give up a sector.

In the end the Marquis ended up in Cardarssian space away from Federation Influence, considering what they do to their own people what did they expect to happen to those they consider trespassers. Where they so na´ve that they believed the threat of a Federation no longer part of the sector would keep the Cardarssians in check.

Then , again this is the same lot of people who thought they could steal Federation supplies, attack Federation ships and create new homes for themselves by Bio-nuking Cardassian colonies without reprisal.
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