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Re: TNG Caption This! 330: Goldshirts Appreciation

Worf: Ambassador Troi is that way.
N.D. Officer: But sir, didn't Captain Picard tell you to escort her?
Worf: I am 'delegating authority'. Now GO.

Geordi: Reg? What are you DOING in here?
Barclay: Preparing moth balls. You would not BELIEVE how hard it is to get their little legs apart.

LaForge: It's called a gorch.
Data: It is huge.
LaForge: I wouldn't say anything about it.
Data: Is it casting a shadow?
LaForge: I really wouldn't say anything about it.

O'Brien: Uh..
LaForge: You know, I think their knees are supposed to go backward like that. It's probably OK.

LaForge: What are you beaming up again?
O'Brien: The natives referred to it as Gorignak. Must be something for the captain's archaeological lecture..
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