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Re: Was Sisko a Javert

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It's kind of like telling a rape victim it's her fault because she shouldn't have been there, or she sinfully provoked it by dressing loosely.

Really , your using a rape analogy.

That was unexpected.

I mean , really?

Isn't more like getting a short tempered, psychotic landlord who can enter your house at any time do what ever he wants take over your property.

With a long history of territorial behaviour and bullying and oppressing and attempted genocide ( Bajor). And then crying surprise and foul when said landlord does the kind of thing they are known for, like oppressive violence and really terrible things.

And not moving, when you told by your previous landlord that hey to stop a fight with said bastard ,he's taking over your rent.

Why they stayed was out of pride and a sense of being screwed over , which they where. However they could have moved, space Is big.

It's not their fault they go screwed over, but hey if you have the option to move and not drag your previous Landlord into a war. Then maybe you should move.
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