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I had the pleasure of watching that episode again last night right after my son went to bed.
I hope your son is still too young to watch Star Trek, otherwise I would have to wonder what kind of Dad you are...
He's a Niner. Doesn't care for the original (except the animated series, of course). But that's four-year-olds for you.

I don't think so. He could have poisoned Kirk and company with his Tranya (and apparently they considered this possibility). A worthy adversary would have said "No, I won't take such a risk" (i.e. by drinking the Tranya Kirk and Co. revealed that they are not that "worthy" and far too trusting).
Actually, the Tranya was what got me thinking about this. It seems a little out of place until you consider that Balok is basically celebrating the end of a well-played battle of wits that he is humble enough to admit he lost (though not in so many words). The flip side of this is what would have happened if Balok had encountered a Klingon or Romulan ship, whose less inventive commanders would have concocted some kind of elaborate workaround to attack the Fesarius before the time limit ran out. Balok would have almost certainly destroyed them, and I suspect he would have destroyed the Enterprise too if Kirk hadn't played the game correctly. Same again for the Pilot vessel/towing ruse: Kirk would have had the option to FIRE on Balok's ship instead of simply overpowering it with his engines, in which case Balok would again have destroyed them.

The simple reason I believe it is this: Balok mentions that their records could be "a deception," which is an odd thing to suspect for an alien race that doesn't expect its records to be probed in elaborate detail by an outside force. Balok is implicitly saying that he assumed from the beginning that Enterprise was playing against him and couldn't be sure the tapes were just another chess move on their part. In other words, it really IS a game, and Balok has obviously played it before. It's an odd kind of game that reflects a deeply alien set of priorities, but a game nonetheless. The object of the game is to expose your opponent's biggest secret. If you win, you get a bottle of tranya and some good laughs. If you loose, you die.

Which might explain why nobody has ever heard of the First Federation -- or Balok -- before now. He very seldom looses.
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