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Re: Was Sisko a Javert

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The Federation is constantly wandering around telling different alien cultures how they should live.
Uh, no, really, they're not.

The Federation has the absolute right to make its case, so to speak, for worlds which wish to join. They have the right to point out the benefits of Federation membership. But the ultimate decision is left up to that world. If they don't want to join, they don't have to. And as I said, worlds have left the Federation before, and there wasn't any war that broke out as a result.

Eddington would have had a stronger case if he'd simply reminded Sisko that the problem was personal. It was. Sisko was pissed at Eddington HIMSELF. If that had been the argument, I'd buy it. But none of this Borg crap. That's an insult to everyone who died at the hands of the Borg.

Are you serious, nearly every episode of TNG involved them showing up and telling the aliens how they should be more like us.

Eddington does actually question Sisko on his real motives later in the episode. If he ws saying that all the people who had died at the hands of the borg had deserved it, that would be an insult to those who died because of the borg. Eddington is expressing a viewpoint that The Federation is Borg-like in how they bring races into the fold and the homogenise them.

The Aliens are forced to accept Federation values and change their culture if they want in. The Federation spends a few years evaluating a planet when it asks to join if there is an aspect of that culture that doesn't mesh with Federation values, they have to change it or they won't be allowed to join. They have to 'adapt their culture to service' (to quote a certain cybernetic race) the federation

The argument that the Federation is an homogenis organisation goes back at least to the undiscovered country where azetbur calls the federation a 'homo sapiens only club'.

But Federation attitude towards other cultures is a thread in itself.

The point is The Cardassians started the whole conflict with the maquis. They did it by poisoning food replicators, harrasing the colonists, and arming their civilian vessels and attacking the federation colonies. All of this went against the peace treaty. One of the Maquis characters on voyager, Kenneth Dalby joined the maquis because his wife was raped and murdered by 3 Cardassians (see the episode learning curve).

How did the Federation respond to all this? How did they respond to the destruction of food supplies, raping and murdering of civilians and attacks against their colonies? By continuing to placate the cardassians who had proven themselves untrustworthy going back as far as the first episode to feature them, the wounded. Instead of standing up to the cardassians, the federation gave them food replicators and abandoned their own people forcing them to become criminals.

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