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Re: STID: The Ethics of the Ending

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^ But it did come up again, as recently as "Measure of a Man".

But like I said, Ceti Alpha V had absolutely no technological base. It was basically just an empty wasteland, and that was even before its neighbor exploded. There would be nothing - ever - out of which Khan COULD have built a starship.
Not Khan, but his descendents two or three generations down the line would have built some pretty bitchin ones.
Out of WHAT? If you took Khan's people and stuck them in the middle of a forest or a meadow, what could they possibly use to make a starship? They could make a house, but that'd be it, really.
Among the "contents of these cargo bays" would be some modern tools and equipment ("modern" in the 23rd century context, make of that what you will). So if they could build a house, they could build a workshop, possibly equipped with a furnace to help forge even better tools.

More than enough to bootstrap your way to spaceflight capability, if you're making it a priority. Seventy five years later, Khan's people would be developing their equivalent of the Phoenix.
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